An 8-year-old boy

“Before I came I was shy, but not after. Sally helped me get my anger away and I’ve got better at not losing my temper.  It’s real fun and I really enjoyed it , once we made a boat and it was real cool.”


“Thank you for the amazing help you gave me last year. The tapping exercise was really powerful for me and seems to have shifted a lot of emotional and cognitive beliefs to a different level, it’s taken time to work through bits and pieces but it is a big resource that I have used time and again to find calmness and peace. 

Thank you again for your help, it’s been life changing.”


“Thank you again, I feel lucky to be able to speak to you. Your advice, guidance and support are all helping me to deal with a difficult place in my head that I wasn’t sure I would be able to get away from or cope with. It seemed that no one around me could help me and I didn’t know how to get myself out of that place.

You’ve helped me to see things differently, to feel a bit more positive about the world, other people and myself again. I’m really grateful to you for that. It’s a great relief and comfort to know that you are just an email away as well.”

A mother talking about Sally’s work with her son

“Our 8 year old son was displaying signs of anger management problems, which was getting him into trouble at school, we didn’t know what to do, or who to turn to. Fortunately the school was very understanding and supportive, and implemented several strategies to help, but nothing seemed to be working, and on a particularly bad day, he asked if he could speak to someone about it. After only 3 sessions with Sally the school and us began to see an improvement in our son’s behaviour, he was much calmer, more willing to listen, and at school he was able to ask for help rather than allowing the ‘red mist’ to descend, because of the coping strategies Sally was able to give him. Sally was also able to help him with his self confidence, as over time because of the battles he was having his self esteem had hit a low. We are now running on an even keel, and he has been allowed to go on a school trip without parent supervision which is a real breakthrough. We are very happy parents!! Thank you.”

A veteran with PTSD

“At the end of the Rewinding session I was amazed and felt that it had been too easy. Over the next few days I had a sense of being changed and also euphoric when I realised that ‘IT HAD GONE’. This has been a monumental experience for me, especially considering how long the problems had been embedded. For me the outcome was outstanding so please do trust in the process and the counsellor. They really know what it is to have been through trauma and the effects that it has on the individual.”

A mother and daughter

“My daughter (17) began counselling with Sally after a very challenging and traumatic few months for her and us as a family. We both attended sessions separately and jointly and this worked perfectly giving us both time to reflect on our individual experiences and feelings. Sally facilitated this process with great insight and kindness while teaching us many great tools to use going forward. It wasn’t always an easy process but ultimately it brought really positive change for us all as a family. I now feel much more confident about the future than I could ever have imagined a few months ago. Sally was a fantastic safety net and I would highly recommend her without hesitation.”

Life coaching

“I’m pleased to say that 2018 has been a brilliant year so far and a far cry from what I felt was the misery of 2017. I quietly shut the door on 2017 at New Year and moved on with my life and focused on everything I do have, rather than the things I don’t have.

The few sessions we had together, did really help me get clarity and helped me change my ‘state.’ I couldn’t have ‘coached’ myself through everything (even though I tried) and once I accepted that I needed help, it started everything else moving.

So, I just thought I’d drop you a line to thank you and let you know life is good.”


“I recognised that I was suffering with depression after experiencing a life changing decision. I was trying to ‘fix’ myself and realised that it was not working. I had been reluctant to ask for help because I felt I ‘should’ be able to work it out on my own. I only worked with Sally for a couple of sessions and I quickly realised that finally accepting help was the best thing I could have done. Sally provided me with tools that ultimately helped me change my thinking and make me come to my own decision about my choices. I am once again living the happy fulfilled life that I had missed for a year while under the cloud of depression!”

Feedback following use of the rewind technique for work related trauma

“I’m Gobsmacked. Amazing. I’ve had none of those repeating thoughts. I feel transformed. I’ve not felt blue, I’ve felt really positive as if I’ve climbed out from under a rock. It’s extraordinary like shrugging off a big weight. I’m so glad I reached out to come and see you. It all now feels in the past rather than in the present.”


“I first went to see Sally when I was very low. Life had really got on top of me and I was struggling to deal with things. Sally quickly helped me deal with the immediate problems but then, over a longer period of time worked with me to address deeper issues and develop the tools to cope better with all life’s challenges. I really can’t thank her enough for my new-found happiness and confidence and would recommend her to anyone.” 

J’s experience of counselling with Sally

“After just a few counselling sessions with Sally, my health anxiety, which was beginning to take over my life, has virtually gone. Sally is a fantastic counsellor. She radiates calm and peacefulness and whatever techniques she used in the sessions, I always felt safe and supported. I also left the sessions, armed with a variety of useful practical skills to combat stressful or anxious thoughts. I’m really enjoying life again – thank you Sally!”

D. describes how he benefitted from seeing Sally

“It was like I was in a dark room for years and you’ve helped me out of that dark place. I remember my first session I was just a mess looking at the floor, dropped shoulders and like being turned in on myself. Now it’s like the curtains, doors and windows are opened and it’s beaming with light. Turned my life around it really has.”

One person’s experience of seeing Sally

“Brilliant, changed my way of thinking, looked forward to every session. It was so relaxing and the relaxation stayed with me through the weeks. The more sessions I had the more relaxed I became. Never too in-depth – you never asked me to describe the things I saw or felt too deeply.”

Another person describes what has changed for them

“More positive, thinking more about relationships rather than feeling sorry for myself. Before I was full of self-pity, remorse and guilt. In a self-absorbed envelope of ‘me’ for too long. Breaking out of the bubble noticing people around me. It’s important to have these people in my life as me in theirs.”

A veteran with PTSD

“Sally was really excellent – understanding, confidential and there to help. Over the 6 sessions I had I was made aware and understood why I had been behaving this way. Sally showed me options to help me deal with this. She showed me new paths to deal with stress, trauma and living with past events. I could not see these before. Now that I have these, the old paths are closed. The result is that the lives of my family and I are so much better. If in doubt I strongly recommend getting in touch.”